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2017 Tax Considerations

(Date posted: November 7, 2017)



The followings are articles regarding tax law changes and are categorized in:

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Thieves Use W-2 Scam to get Employee Data

(Date posted: December 14, 2017)

The IRS warns the nation’s business, payroll and human resource communities about a growing W-2 email scam. Criminals use this scheme to gain access to W-2 and other sensitive tax information that employers have about their employees.

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5 Signs of Small Business Identity Theft, New Protection Methods

(Date posted: December 5, 2017)

Small business identity theft is a big business. Just like individuals, businesses can be victims too. Thieves use a business’s information to file fake tax returns or get credit cards.

Identity thieves are more sophisticated than they used to be. They know the tax code and filing practices and how to get valuable data. The IRS has seen a sharp increase in fraudulent business tax forms. These include Forms 1120, 1120S and 1041, as well as Schedule K-1. These affect business, partnership, estate and trust filers.

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Five Facts about Charitable Contributions

(Date posted: November 21, 2017)

With the holidays around the corner, many people will be making donations to benefit charitable organizations. However, come tax time, the person who made the donation might also benefit. That’s because taxpayers who donate to a charity may be able to claim a deduction for the donation on their federal tax return.

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Taxpayers Should Do an End-of-Year Withholding Check-Up

(Date posted: November 14, 2017)

As the end of the year approaches, the IRS encourages taxpayers to consider a tax withholding checkup. When taxpayers take a close look to make sure the right amount of tax is withheld now, they can avoid an unexpected tax bill next year.

Here are five examples of taxpayers who would benefit from a withholding check-up:

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