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2020 Tax Considerations

(Date posted: November 19, 2020)

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Small businesses: Cash in on depreciation tax savers

(Date posted: December 3, 2020)

As we approach the end of the year, it’s a good time to think about whether your business needs to buy business equipment and other depreciable property. If so, you may benefit from the Section 179 depreciation tax deduction for business property. The election provides a tax windfall to businesses, enabling them to claim immediate deductions for qualified assets, instead of taking depreciation deductions over time.

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Steer clear of the wash sale rule if you’re selling stock by year end

(Date posted: December 1, 2020)

Are you thinking about selling stock shares at a loss to offset gains that you’ve realized during 2020? If so, it’s important not to run afoul of the “wash sale” rule.

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Health Savings Accounts for your small business

(Date posted: November 24, 2020)

Small business owners are well aware of the increasing cost of employee health care benefits. As a result, your business may be interested in providing some of these benefits through an employer-sponsored Health Savings Account (HSA). Or perhaps you already have an HSA. It’s a good time to review how these accounts work since the IRS recently announced the relevant inflation-adjusted amounts for 2021.

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