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2023 Tax Considerations

(Date posted: November 9, 2023)


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If your business has co-owners, you probably need a buy-sell agreement

(Date posted: July 18, 2024)

Are you buying a business that will have one or more co-owners? Or do you already own one fitting that description? If so, consider installing a buy-sell agreement. A well-drafted agreement can do these valuable things:

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Six tax issues to consider if you’re getting divorced

(Date posted: July 16, 2024)

Divorce entails difficult personal issues, and taxes are probably the farthest thing from your mind. However, several tax concerns may need to be addressed to ensure that taxes are kept to a minimum and that important tax-related decisions are properly made. Here are six issues to be aware of if you’re in the process of getting a divorce.

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Be aware of the tax consequences of selling business property

(Date posted: July 11, 2024)

If you’re selling property used in your trade or business, you should understand the tax implications. There are many complex rules that can potentially apply. To simplify this discussion, let’s assume that the property you want to sell is land or depreciable property used in your business, and has been held by you for more than a year.

Note: There are different rules for property held primarily for sale to customers in the ordinary course of business, intellectual property, low-income housing, property that involves farming or livestock, and other types of property.

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Planning your estate? Don’t overlook income taxes

(Date posted: July 9, 2024)

The current estate tax exemption amount ($13.61 million in 2024) has led many people to feel they no longer need to be concerned about federal estate tax. Before 2011, a much smaller exemption resulted in many people with more modest estates attempting to avoid it. But since many estates won’t currently be subject to estate tax, it’s a good time to devote more planning to income tax saving for your heirs.

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