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Certain charitable donations allow you to avoid taxable IRA withdrawals

(Date posted: July 2, 2024)

If you’re a philanthropic individual who is also obligated to take required minimum distributions (RMDs) from a traditional IRA, you may want to consider a tax-saving strategy. It involves making a qualified charitable distribution (QCD).

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Hiring your child to work at your business this summer

(Date posted: June 28, 2024)

With school out, you might be hiring your child to work at your company. In addition to giving your son or daughter some business knowledge, you and your child could reap some tax advantages.

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What might be ahead as many tax provisions are scheduled to expire?

(Date posted: June 25, 2024)

Buckle up, America: Major tax changes are on the horizon. The reason has to do with tax law and the upcoming elections.

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Social Security tax update: How high can it go?

(Date posted: June 18, 2024)

Employees, self-employed individuals and employers all pay Social Security tax, and the amounts can get bigger every year. And yet, many people don’t fully understand the Social Security tax they pay.

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Top of the News

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